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The six chapters address perichoresis as a christological category, the anhypostasia-enhypostasia distinction, whether Christ had a fallen nature, kenosis, and non-incarnational Christology. Divinity and Humanity is an intricate and, at times, quite difficult, collection of chapters. So Crisp wants to avoid theological or philosophical squishiness. And since he is an analytical theologian—who thus looks for clarity of language and analysis—I wondered about how univocally Crisp believes he can speak about God.

Analytical tools may promise too much. How do we know this contraction in human terms is also directly applicable to God? Can God both be described as omnipotent, but in that power decide to limit it? In private conversation, I know he is aware of the issues of univocal or analogical language and the attendant theme of mystery , but I find quibbles in places with his willingness to stick to the power of human philosophical analysis where a certain ambiguity is left in the biblical witness.

The second and third chapters address the human nature of Christ. Incidentally, one byproduct of such discussions in this book is that the reader quickly learns some unknown theological vocabulary and territory.

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The anhypostasia-enhypostasia distinction is the topic of Chapter Three. Ultimately, Crisp leans toward a three-part Christology, which also makes the best sense to me in order to sustain the Chalcedonian declaration that Christ is fully human and fully divine.

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Crisp argues for the latter There are several ins and outs to his argument, but the essence of it is quite simple: to be fallen means to be sinful And, according to classical theology, in order to be the Redeemer, Christ was not sinful. Muller appeals to his readers to approach the cal concepts and critical reception Part III. It condenses without oversimplifying Tilli- world. By James R. Edited by Peters. Ben Quash and Michael Ward. Publishers, Inc. The sermons in this part warn against claims that reason.

This clearly written, accessible gious and philosophical traditions. Still, those seeking a overview of heresies and orthodoxy could be useful in clear articulation of the rationality—understood in its broad- courses introducing Christian doctrines and in church lay est and most robust sense—of Christian faith will gain much discussion groups. By Michael Plekon. By Terry Rey.

London: Equinox, University of Notre Dame Press, Plekon argues that lives of traditional Eastern Orthodox Part of Key Thinkers in the Study of Religion, a series saints are too perfect to inspire emulation by ordinary Chris- designed for undergraduate and introductory graduate tians. These individuals gions. By John M. American University , note 6. Peter Lang Publishing Inc. The prob- for immaterial species of capital.

By Steven B. Princeton respectively. Eugene, OR: Pickwick dates his overall thesis. While perhaps too readily abandon- Publications, Students will logical humility. The journey of Clark Pinnock is exam- researchers. The demise of classical founda- Regent University School of Divinity tionalism and the distress with Old Princeton theological approaches e. LeRon Shults and Andrea Holl- temological shifts drive the quest for a more holistic ingsworth. Guides to Theology. He also Hollingsworth have divided the book into two sections.

Revitaliz- major contributions to pneumatology. Finally, the authors identify three Timothy Lim T. Also included are essays on teaching toler- gence of the concept of force. These provide the basis for ance and solidarity in Palestine and Egypt, economics and their suggestions regarding the future of pneumatology. One liberation thought in Latin America, and the role of women strength of The Holy Spirit is the diversity of traditions that it in leadership positions in South East Asia.

The work is addresses, including Roman Catholicism, Eastern Ortho- capped by an essay by Werner Jeanrond on how Christian doxy, Pentecostalism, feminist perspectives, liberation the- perspectives of love might assist in transformation of a glo- ology, and numerous strands of Protestantism. By eschewing the creation of a concise manner, and consequently, this book promises to be larger theory of globalization, as well as by offering several a valuable reference for students and seasoned scholars different European voices on the impacts of globalization on alike.

David Bradnick Several of its authors are theologically and ethically ori- Regent University School of Divinity ented, and this work does not seek to offer a broad overview to sociological trends or demographics. By Stefan Forrest Clingerman Skrimshire. New York: Continuum, Edited by Jon cal visions of the future promote or hinder those visions and Stewart.

Kierkegaard Research: Sources, Reception and movements. He argues that vague crisis states such as the Resources, Vol. Burlington, VT: Ashgate, This fear and and Resources. The series is the most important single anxiety causes people to focus on the present circumstances collection of secondary literature on Kierkegaard to be pub- rather than analyze the future. The book concludes by arguing that religious While not every chapter will be found relevant for the Anglo- visions can create and sustain positive social change.

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Edited by Sturla J. Oslo: Novus diverse movements as dialectical theology, philosophy of Press, NOK The book is not appropriate for an intro- research program at the University of Oslo.

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By Phyllis Tickle. Using the Becker and those theologians who understand human sin to events leading to the Great Reformation as a model, she be freely chosen and yet inevitable due to social and per- interprets the major social and cultural changes of the twen- sonal factors. According to Becker, religion is far better than sweeping statement like this. Recommended for Christianity, in the churches of Latin America, Asia, and seminary and university libraries and theologians with an especially Africa.

An interpretation of the Great Emergence interest in cultural anthropology and psychology.

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By Notto R. Translated by Brian McNeil. By Al Tizon. Regnum Studies in Mission.

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In taking two stories that are not usually paired—such an evangelical agenda seeking a much more holistic under- as Song of Songs and the woman who anoints Jesus—he opens standing of Christian witness and salvation. A specialist in interreligious dialogue, Thelle presents holistic mission, and the power of the Holy Spirit in mission. The book is successful in its goal of grounded in facile stereotypes.

Yet the book also seems to have overplayed the Krista E. That being said, the book is a welcome addition to the the development of each component of the Four Fold Gospel. By Daniel J. Founda- In this reader-friendly volume, Daniel Treier explores tional to the soteriological chapter is the contribution of how theological reading of scripture reverses the European, American revivalism and the debates involving the role of modern, historical-critical method.

This paradigmatic shift is atonement and freewill. In Part 2, Treier traces how biblical theology as a Patten University discipline overcomes the problems of reading the Old and New Testaments.

Divinity and Humanity

By Jason scripture with other texts: the discovery of meaning via E. Grand Rapids, MI: Eerdmans, With the emer- the Bible is read with other sacred texts. By Bernie A. Van De Walle. Nonetheless, Invocation and Assent interesting. Moore-Keish offers a striking re-examination provides ample material for historians of early modern of Christian baptism.

Lim ation. Edited by that closes Jewish worship services throughout the world. In Malcolm L. Essays by Joseph A. Bessler, Peter T. Hess, and Timothy C.

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  8. New York: Peter translations of the prayer that contrast Israel with the Lang, The result is a lively example of how prayer affects Edited by the director of the Lexington Seminar, a belief and practice and how practice and belief inform project connecting theological teaching and church ministry prayer.

    Written to assist theological faculties engage nature of theological claims, liturgy, and ecumenical and critical issues, the authors raise common challenges that all interfaith engagement. Because they are written in an acces- seminaries face related to formation, diversity, technology, sible manner, the volume will interest students in Reformed cultural relevance, assessment, and institutional identity.

    First, Bessler presents David H. Arbeiten zur Kirchengeschichte, All ulties in Germany over a twenty year period falling between four perspectives contribute valuable insights in this must- the failed revolution of and the establishment of the read book for all theological deans and faculty, and under- German Reich.