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This means that once you successfully complete the International Foundation Year, and meet the required English language progression requirements, you will be ready to start your degree at the University of Leeds. More benefits that come with choosing to study here are as follows. With a central focus on advanced research facilities, The School of Mechanical Engineering at the University of Leeds is a part of one of the largest, globally renowned, academic engineering groups in the UK.

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You will benefit from the strong enterprising industry links that the University of Leeds has to offer. Designed to prepare you with knowledge valued in scientific business, this pathway will additionally develop your real-life business skills through our CareerAhead programme. Designed for international students, this programme takes a unique, focused approach to teaching and curriculum. Your learning will be structured in the same way as University teaching, with an aim to individually support you as you enter into the British education system.

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Foundation courses to prepare for undergraduate study

Find out more. Accept and close. Enquire now Apply Now. In this section. Home Our courses International Foundation Year Science Engineering Computing What you will learn During the International Foundation Year in Science, Engineering and Computing, you will study core and optional modules which are carefully tailored for your academic development and chosen area of study. Project study During your foundation year, you will complete a self-study project on a topic you will choose in consultation with your tutor.

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Route specific modules Introduction to Applied Mathematics and Advanced Applied Mathematics Applied Mathematics will help prepare you with a basic knowledge of mechanics, and prepare you for development of mathematical applications in engineering, computer science and informatics. Advanced Pure Mathematics Pure Mathematics 2 will cover straight lines and linear equations, set theory and probability, statistics, linear programming, indices and logarithms and experimental law.

Core Mathematics for Science You will develop and demonstrate core mathematical skills, including algebra and statistics, relevant to an undergraduate degree course. By working through the exercises the students can certainly familiarize themselves with the task types for each section. However, there is a definite imbalance in the amount of attention paid to each section. The reading section is 24 pages long, writing is 10, listening 9 and speaking a mere 5 pages.

Although some of the sample answers on the CD which are related to the speaking exam may be useful, it is not clear how well students will utilize these on their own, without comments from other students or a teacher. The reading section naturally contains many texts which take up considerable space, but most of these are simple hints-task-reflect sequenced exercises, which are not fully developed into language work which students at this level are sure to need. The exercises contained are certainly useful, but are also short and may in many cases leave the learner searching for more follow-up exercises or more realistically, just doing nothing and not fully acquiring the skills.

With a world of choice, we will help you find the best university for you. Studying our Foundation programme is a great way to immerse yourself in a subject you are passionate about.

During this one-year programme, you will prepare for your degree course by developing extensive academic knowledge, English language level and study skills. Please visit a pathway page to see the entry requirements for that specific subject.

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If you want to work in the creative industries, our Art and Design Foundation course provides you with the perfect basis to start your studies. Prepare for a university degree in art, design or an arts-related subject. Combined with English and study skills, this course provides all the experience you need for further study in the UK. Location: Brighton or London. The Business, Finance and Management Foundation develops your skills in economics, accounting, finance and management in preparation for undergraduate study in these areas.

Live and learn in centres of excellence and entrepreneurship.

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Locations: Brighton, Cambridge or London. You will cover a broad range of subjects on this programme, including core principles of chemistry, electricity and fields, kinetics, properties of matter, mechanics and pure maths. Locations: Brighton or Cambridge. The Computing Foundation pathway is ideal if you plan to go on to study computer science, software engineering or IT related courses at university. The programme includes units in web design, programming and business as well as the core foundation modules.

You'll learn from specialist teachers in state-of-the-art facilities.

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Location: Brighton. The Engineering Foundation is designed to focus on the different academic areas most useful to your future studies in engineering. You will cover a broad range of subjects including properties of matter and waves, electricity and fields, mechanics and pure maths.

Location: Brighton or Cambridge. If you're interested in studying psychology, media, international relations, politics, geography, English literature or other related fields at university, the Social Sciences Foundation gives you the skills you need to study for undergraduate study.

You will study diverse subjects including psychology, criminal behaviour, research method and more.

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Choose the International Relations and Politics Foundation to learn about modern British politics, political institutions and concepts, key features of global political systems, ideologies and theories. This pathway teaches you to understand a world dominated by politics and globalisation.

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The Law Foundation is designed to prepare you to study law or politics at university in the UK.