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They soon learn, however, that magic is both wondrous and deadly. Quentin Coldwater and his friends also discover that the world of Fillory, a realm written about in fictional books, is actually very real and is very, very different than the world portrayed by Christopher Plover , the Author of the Fillory and Further book series.

Sign In Don't have an account? Start a Wiki. Click Here if you want to check out all my info for the race. BTW Training Peaks is just awesome for the amount of info you can put on there, and the Garmin XT gathers a ton of data when you have the heart rate monitor and cadence sensor attached.

My perfect weather, perfect feeling, super awesome goal was going to be , but it was Humid, then raining then muggy, and a bathroom break added in, and my total time was I am very happy with that time, its not the best ever but for sure the best 10 miles I have had so far. Here is an update weight chart. Desserts have also been an issue, I can usually go without desserts, but lately I want chocolate after every meal it seems. I gotta get that under control.

The Project Gutenberg eBook of Juliette Drouet’s Love-letters To Victor Hugo.

While doing this, I did not hurt myself or anyone else, but I did get my glasses caught on a branch of the tree, and they somehow flung into the yard. We searched everywhere and could not find them. Needless to say I had to go get new glasses Monday morning. Well Leah hated my old glasses anyways. At the glasses store I took pictures of 14 different pairs of glasses on my face and then emailed them from my phone to her desk at work. Then just let her pick out the ones she wanted me to have. Guys, this works great.

The sales people might think your crazy now.

It really kind of worked out for the best, I knew my prescription had changed and I needed to go in. There was no way I was getting an apt there without at least a weeks notice, so I went to the place next to the lens crafters that I had decided on since I could get the glasses in about an hour. Well This place was amazing, the staff was nice, they had tons of modern equipment that all just worked the first time, and the Doctor even explained things to me as he was testing my eyes. Ebooks

Unlike being berated at the other place for making the doctor late to his golf game since his own machine broke. By Quix. On April 10, My runs have been very hit or miss lately. Some days, I feel like a rockstar.

For example this morning, I did , , , and 9 for the last quarter mile. I just have to have faith that even though the first half to full mile will suck, I usually perk up. My eating has been fairly subpar for me. This week, I am trying something new: smoothies for lunch. Working on the training program for us through the half ironman.

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Let me tell you, having 2 races a month and two vacations one 4 days, one like 10 days within a month and a half of race day like, right during peak training time is providing a CHALLENGE, but I think I have it conquered mostly. So, please forgive me for not blogging, but as you can see, iz been bizzy.

Part 1. Reading!

Any suggestions on how to conquer my pedals on my bike better? Any bets on how long it will take me to come back and blog? On March 29, I am not very good at this sort of thing, but I kind of want to post to you people too. So I am going to start with a guilt post for yesterday.

Because everyone wants to get to know me by a guilt post. Yesterday was a day of being sore and taking a day off from the gym. But by doing so I over did it in the food department. I try to burn about to calories a day and take in about calories on average. You know to keep with the weight loss but keep fueled. Yesterday though, it was backwards.

Oops… Oh well I will just have to make it up the rest of the week. So really, stop trying to give me cake, cupcakes, ice cream, candy, or beer. Now that that is out of the way, lets talk about how excited I am for the up-coming Tri Season.

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  • Raiders from the stars are what must be faced by the brave archers to survive. Greyson's Revenge King Daulun Jongo has destroyed the planet of Haldale killing millions offering an example of what to expect if the Empire interfers with him again and is now searching for the ships that destroyed one of his fleets. The Empire is out gunned and they know it's just a matter of time until Jongo discovers Bristone, the home planet of the Zord.

    Things don't look good and they will soon discover that Jongo is being held hostage and controlled by an evil Provincial Duke that has two thousand Searchers in his fleet. The Empire is caught up in a civil war and survival is uncertain for many reasons including an invader lurking in the shadows waiting to see who comes out the victor before they zero in to attack.

    The action continues in Greyson's Revenge as the brave fighters and Zord on Bristone struggle to survive overwhelming odds and bring peace to a war weary universe. Death of an Empire In the third book of the Ashes of the Realm series, t he Algeans have been found by the Empire and have agreed to work together to find an answer to the harvesting of the orange pods by the Black Ships.

    If they are successful in finding a way to kill the pods, then the main tool of destruction used by the Invaders will be eliminated.

    See a Problem?