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Notify me. Description Critical care in obstetrics is an upcoming specialty in the developing countries.

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This book is first of its kind as there are very few books written on this subject. The book discusses various aspects of critical care in obstetrics starting from the basic principles, physiology, ethics, monitoring and organization of a critical care unit. The various chapters cover management of life threatening illnesses involving various organ systems of the body of a pregnant woman. Furthermore, the management of a pregnant woman is unique as it involves not only management of the patient but the developing fetus in her womb as well.

Principles of Critical Care in Obstetrics - Volume I | Alpesh Gandhi | Springer

This book aims to help the obstetricians, postgraduate students and critical care providers with the management protocols in dealing with critically ill pregnant women. Back cover copy The book highlights various aspects of management of life-threatening scenarios in obstetrics starting from the basic principles, physiology, ethics, monitoring and organization of a critical care unit.

The various chapters cover management of critical illnesses involving various organ systems of the body of a pregnant woman. International Society of Ultrasound in Obs.

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Principles of Critical Care in Obstetrics: Volume II

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